Welcome to Usoasis -Your Oasis for Relationships

At Usoasis, our mission is to provide a judgment-free space for anyone seeking to nurture their romantic relationships and cultivate self-love. Whether you’re recovering from infidelity, contemplating divorce, struggling with dating, or simply trying to enhance communication in your current relationship – you are welcome here.

This website was founded in 2023 by Sarah Myers, a writer and blogger based in Los Angeles. After earning her psychology degree from UCLA, Sarah was inspired to create an uplifting online community after her own journeys through young love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

With a background in psychology and personal experiences with the ups and downs of relationships, Sarah understands that relationships require constant work. At Usoasis, we believe that with the right insights and perspective, we can build deeply fulfilling bonds. But it starts with you.

At Usoasis, you’ll find:

  • A blog with Sarah’s latest tips on communication, self-care, overcoming hardships together, reigniting intimacy, handling conflict constructively, and more.
  • Free resources such as relationship assessment quizzes, self-care journals, healthy communication worksheets, book recommendations, and more.
  • Relevant and thoughtful articles on topics like coping with infidelity, letting go after divorce, modern dating strategies, identifying red flags early on, and setting boundaries.
  • Research-based and actionable advice delivered with compassion.

Our goal is to help you gain clarity in your relationships, focus on your personal growth, and believe that you deserve fulfilling love. Everything on Usoasis is designed with judgment-free compassion, honesty, and the utmost care for your emotional well-being.

We’re so glad you’re here and hope this can become an oasis for your journey ahead. Wishing you peace and happiness along the way.

Sarah and team

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