Gen Z Tempted to Use Finsta Account Over Insta: Here Is Why and How

Social media has become an integral part of most people’s lives, especially for younger generations like Gen Z. Platforms like Instagram allow users to curate an image of their lives by sharing photos and videos. However, this curated persona on Instagram, nicknamed “Insta,” is often far from reflective of someone’s true day-to-day life. 

This is where Finsta, or “fake Instagram,” comes in. Finsta accounts are secondary, private Instagram accounts where users share more raw, unfiltered content with a smaller circle of close friends. For Gen Z, Instagram Finsta appeals in a few key ways that we are going to discuss below.

1. Finsta offers freedom from the pressure to be perfect

Gen Z feels a need to meticulously curate their feeds and maintain a perfect image on their main Instagram accounts. This leads to spending hours editing photos, overanalyzing captions, and filtering content before sharing. Finsta liberates users from this pressure. On their Finsta post, they can share silly selfies, rants about a bad day, or other imperfect slices of life without worrying about likes or judgment from acquaintances. This authenticity and vulnerability foster closer connections between Finsta followers.

2. Finsta provides privacy from parents and other adults

finsta like instagram alternative

Since Finsta accounts are private, they allow teens to share content they may not want parents or other adults to see. This includes inside jokes, conversations about relationships/sex, ranting about parents, underage partying, and more. Having a Finsta account gives Gen Z autonomy over who views their content, so they can avoid unwanted snooping or consequences.

3. Finsta facilitates deeper relationships between close friends

The exclusivity of Finsta accounts means users’ inner circles get to see sides of each other they don’t show the world. Having this intimate online space allows Gen Z to strengthen bonds through sharing details, thoughts, and moments from their lives. Scrolling through someone’s Finsta feed gives a raw, unfiltered window into who they really are. This level of vulnerability deepens close friendships.

4. Finsta removes the pressure of an inflated follower count

On main Instagram accounts, users feel compelled to rack up as many followers and likes as possible. But with Finsta pics, the purpose is not follower count – it’s connecting over shared experiences. Most Finsta users have under 50 followers so they can focus on quality over quantity. This reduces the pressure to “perform” for likes.

5. Finsta allows Gen Z to segment their online personas

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Having multiple Instagram accounts empowers Gen Z to show different facets of themselves. Their main account reflects their public persona, while Finsta reveals a more intimate version shared just with close friends. This segmentation aligns better with how we present ourselves in real life. Just as we behave differently with close friends vs. acquaintances, Gen Z likes tailoring their content based on the audience.

6. Finsta provides an emotional outlet

For previous generations, journaling may have been the outlet to process emotions and find support. For Gen Z, Finsta post fills that void. They turn to Finsta to openly discuss personal struggles, mental health, vulnerabilities, and other sensitive topics. Having a trusted circle of Finsta followers to validate those feelings provides a therapeutic release.

7. Finsta gives Gen Z control over their online worlds

Between Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and more, much of Gen Z’s socializing happens online. Having multiple Instagram accounts allows them to take ownership over what parts of their lives exist on each platform. Their main account may be a stream of photos showing off their best looks. But their unfiltered thoughts, unplanned adventures, and intimate interactions get compartmentalized into Finsta post.

8. Finsta accounts are creative outlets for self-expression

Unlike main Instagram accounts, where photos must be meticulously staged and edited, Finstas encourage casual creativity. Users post impromptu OOTD shots, blurry hotel room selfies, niche memes, and other silly content purely for their own entertainment. Having an outlet for goofy, experimental self-expression without judgment brings Gen Z joy and boosts confidence.

9. Finsta facilitates minor rebellion

usage of finsta - instagram fake account

Naturally, teens want to push against the rules and assert their independence. Finsta pictures provide a semi-private space where Gen Z can engage in minor rebellion like underage drinking or marijuana use. As long as they keep their Finsta followers limited to trusted friends, they assume adults like parents or teachers won’t catch on. To them, it’s a “safe” place for rebellious experimentation away from authority figures.

10. Finsta embodies the “YOLO” culture

Gen Z embraces the “you only live once” mindset. They use Finsta to document impulsive adventures, new experiences, and embracing life’s messiness. On their main Instagram, they might only share the highlight reel. But Finsta offers a glimpse into the unplanned ins and outs along the way. This unfiltered approach encourages friends to say yes to life’s random opportunities, knowing they have a trusted space to share the journey.

JUST FYI: Celebrities Finstas You Need to Follow

  1. @cole_slaww – Rumored alternate account for Cole Sprouse focusing on nature photography.
  2. @sprousehartparty – Supposedly, Dylan Sprouse’s raw photography mixed with NSFW content.
  3. @norisblackbook – A parody Finsta from comedian Nora Lum (aka Awkwafina) posing as her cat. Hilarious “behind the scenes” Fista posts.
  4. @arianagrande.outlet – Ariana Grande’s alleged secret account for candid pics and videos.
  5. @johnmayersrealaccount – Supposedly, John Mayer’s personal Finsta showcases his goofy personality.
  6. @thejordyndiaries – Possible Finsta for model Jordan Woods, featuring unfiltered selfies.
  7. @youngthugaspaintings – Strange art pieces “created” by rapper Young Thug. Bizarre but entertaining.
  8. @asap__ricky – Believed to be A$AP Rocky’s private account with a mix of memes and personal photos.
  9. @justinandhaley – Justin and Haley Bieber’s reported couple account with cute moments.
  10. @thelastshadowpuppets – Secret account for duo Miles Kane and Alex Turner jamming backstage.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Gives You Her Finsta?

When trying to navigate the confusing social dynamics of young relationships, small gestures can carry a lot of meaning. For Generation Z, few things signify trust and interest more than a girl voluntarily providing you with access to her Finsta account. 

Unlike her curated Instagram page, where she posts only flattering photos and life highlights for public consumption, her Finsta provides a raw, unfiltered look at her life. By granting you access, she is signaling a desire to let you in and see sides of herself that she doesn’t share with many others. 

Being trusted with her Finsta means you have broken past her inner social circle, and she now considers you a close confidant. It suggests she is comfortable being emotionally vulnerable around you. Give her Finsta the same level of discretion she has entrusted you with. 

Avoid betraying her confidence by sharing posts or information from her private account without permission. If you develop a relationship after she shares her Finsta, continue showing yourself worthy of the privileged access she has given you by keeping her secrets and providing non-judgmental support. Treat it as an honor that reflects deeply meaningful trust on her part.

Finsta and Its Damage to Relationships

While Finsta account allows Gen Z to share more intimate moments with their closest friends selectively, this outlet for oversharing can actually damage real-life relationships. The pseudo-privacy of Finsta can create an illusion of safe space. As a result, teens often vent their unfiltered emotions, air “dirty laundry” about friends, or post compromising content under the assumption it won’t reach the wrong audiences.

However, Finsta content easily leaks beyond one’s intended circle through reactions, screenshots, or by being shared by others in their friend group. Once intimate or inappropriate Finsta posts reach wider social spheres, they breed gossip, drama, and irreparable damage to relationships and reputations. Friendships and romantic relationships can end over jealousy stemming from flirty interactions on Finsta. Victims of Finsta gossip or bullying have their hurt amplified, knowing their “best friends” were involved in creating or sharing the damaging content.

Essentially, Finsta provides a false sense of control over one’s shared content. Teens mistakenly view it as a safe space to overshare intimate life details without considering the implications if that content got into the wrong hands. But since Finsta facilitates impulsive emotional dumping, its users often share things they later regret. Without the maturity to exercise discretion in their Finsta posts, Gen Z’s relationships suffer from the unfiltered and, at times, inappropriate content they put out into their social circles.

Potential Downsides of Relying on Finsta

However, having a Finsta account also comes with risks:

  • Finsta content lives forever – reckless sharing could damage future reputation/career opportunities if exposed.
  • Screenshots can be taken or shared beyond one’s desired audience.
  • Finsta can enable unhealthy comparisons if friends exaggerate life highlights.
  • Oversharing on Finsta may foster gossip, drama, or compromising situations.
  • Using Finsta to vent constantly can negatively impact mental health.

At the end of the day, a Finsta account is Gen Z’s attempt to take ownership of their social media presence. The multiple accounts allow them to show different facets of themselves. For all its potential pitfalls, Finsta also represents a shift towards online authenticity and vulnerability.

How to Create Finsta?

As you see, there are also potential drawbacks to using Finsta Instagram. Yet, we understand that it may provide you with a lot of opportunities for self-expressing, such as making relationships with guys you like. So, follow these steps to make your own account:

Step 1: Download the Instagram App

If you don’t already have Instagram downloaded on your phone, download it from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).

Step 2: Create a New Account

When you open Instagram, you will be prompted to either log in to your existing account or create a new account. Tap “Create New Account” to make your Finsta.

Step 3: Enter Account Details

One crucial step you need to complete when understanding how to create Finsta. You can create a Finsta under a different name if you want more anonymity. Just avoid using your real name. Also, enter a unique username and password.

Step 4: Personalize the Profile

Upload a fun avatar or quirky photo only your close friends would recognize. Edit your profile to remove any identifying details from your real account.

Step 5: Follow Close Friends

Search for and follow your list of besties you want to grant Finsta access to. Message them first to approve granting access.

Step 6: Make the Account Private

Go to your profile settings, and under privacy, switch your account to private. This ensures that only approved followers see the content.

Step 7: Post Authentic, Raw Content

Have fun sharing silly selfies, candid moments, inside jokes, and unfiltered feelings with your inner circle!

And that’s it! Now you know how to create Finsta! Enjoy having a secret online space to give your closest friends a glimpse into your real, unedited life.

How to Make a Finsta Username?

phone laying with open menu

It is crucial to create a Finsta name that will be your real reflection, even if you want to stay anonymous. 

  • Pick an inside joke or funny nickname only your friends would understand.
  • Mash up two words that reflect your personality (ex. SunshineQueen, YogaGirl, WanderLusting)
  • Include an inconspicuous birth date, favorite number, or special date.
  • Use a silly pun or play on your real name (ex. JenJenBinks, TommyBoi)
  • Go for song lyrics, movie characters, or fictional names.
  • Use emojis creatively (💁‍♀️🤪💕✌️) to create a Finsta name that will be remarkable. 
  • Add your astrology sign, Hogwarts house, or other personal interest.
  • Create random strings of letters or numbers.
  • Use phrases like “instabae”, “igincognito”, or “finstafam”.
  • Swap letters for numbers or symbols (j0n3s@420)
  • Pick weird food combinations or inside snack references.
  • Use part of your email address or other account names.

The key thing when finding out how to make a Finsta username is to avoid anything too obvious, or that could identify you, in case you want to stay incognito. Get clever with it and pick a unique Finsta handle your real friends will recognize.


In conclusion, while Finsta Instagram accounts have become popular among Gen Z as a way to share more intimate moments with close friends, it can also bring potential drawbacks. From damaging real-life relationships to impacting mental health and future opportunities, there are risks involved in using Finsta. However, when used responsibly and with discretion, Finsta can also provide a safe space for authenticity and vulnerability online. So, if you choose to create a Finsta account, make sure to take the necessary precautions to protect your privacy and reputation while enjoying the freedom of sharing unfiltered content with those closest to you.  

Sarah Mayers

Sarah Mayers is a relationship blogger based in LA. With a psychology degree from UCLA and experience at a couples therapy clinic, Sarah provides research-based, compassionate advice to nurture relationships. She shares practical tips on her blog "UsOasis"

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